Dodging dangers and jumping between platforms

are classical features in arcade games

Dots and Dragons

English • iPad • iPad Pro

Navigate the white dot along the corridor and get 1 one point for every dragon you run over. To reach dragons along the sides and dodge obstacles, you can split the dot in two by pressing and holding the screen.

Lift your finger to make the dots unite in the middle again. The background will roll slowly in the startup and then increase in speed as the game continues. Stay alive and collect as many points as you can.

Chef In Peril

English • iPad

You play the Chef who is down in the cellar storeroom to pick soup ingredients. The pumpkins and cabbage heads are not in the mood for being taken, though. They won't give in without a fight.


The fight is on. Fireballs will fly and you need to jump and run to escape while you fight back with knives. Your objective is to wipe out as many hostile veggies as you can to gain high scores. Your best score is saved for competitive comparison.

Only pumpkins shoot deadly fire but the cabbage heads are equally lethal if you stumble on them. Two other obstacles you don't want to run into are the yellow grease blobs and the boiling pots. You begin each game with 3 lives but can earn more if you fight well. When the golden heart appears you should fight your way to it to win one extra life. Use your knives strategically.


The background music and sound FX are adjustable in the Pause scene.