The classic card memory game on your iPad.

This version features famous paintings as motives.


English • iPad

The classical memory game where you turn cards to find matching image pairs and memorize the ones you've already seen. All cards have painting motives by renowned artists as well as their names given.


The challenge: Complete all 3 rounds with as few clicks as possible. When you have collected the last pair of cards you will receive a rating, spanning from 1 to 5 stars, depending on how many clicks you needed to finish the game.

How to play: Touch two cards successively and they flip over. If there's a match, the pair disappear from the table. At a mismatch, they flip back and stay put.


You get more cards to memorize in each new round – 16 in the first and then 24 and 36 in the following rounds. A click counter keeps track of how many cards you have turned over. If you want to compete with others – memorize your number of clicks (it's a memory game, right?) and challenge a competitor.