Brush up your art knowledge

while you enjoy 52 masterpieces.


English • iPad

This game will show you 52 famous paintings. The challenge is to figure out who painted each masterpiece presented and then spell the artist's surname with help of the letter scramble.


How you play: In each round a new piece of art is shown. After

a few seconds a letter scramble appears. When you think you know who is the painter, you spell the artist's surname by touching and dragging your finger over the letters in correct spelling order. You may or may not need all letters for the task – the lower grey row indicates how many.

When correctly spelled, the name mounts in the lower grey row and you can continue to the next round or take a couple of minutes to enjoy the painting. Play the rounds in consecutive or random order or alternate at any time. Keep in mind that you have only 40 hints to use in all 52 rounds.


If you want to clear the painting motif from letters for a few seconds, nothing stops you from using the Refresh button. You can also adjust the background music volume or silence it with the volume slider in the Sound Setup page.