If you like strategic challenges and clever moves,

these games are right down your alley.


English • iPad • iPad Pro

Help the smiley to dodge the four spinning saw blades that move around randomly in the white line square. Touch the smiley to start the game and then hold to move it around. If you get hit by a blade or go over the white line, it’s game over. You can restart a new game immediately by touching the red smiley and your best score is saved.

Your challenge is to stay alive as long as possible and trump your own or a competitor’s time. Stay alert, do fast but smooth moves and don’t get trapped in a corner. After a few initial trial and error rounds you will get the hang of it.

Space Swoosh

English • iPhone • iPad

Two astronauts are in peril during a spacewalk mission on a space station. To turn the circular platform and help them dodge the spacecrafts flying by you touch the left screen to make it run clockwise and right side for counter-clockwise.


For every spaceship you let pass through the working area you get one point. As the traffic intensifies it will become more and more difficult to avoid disaster. If a spaceship collides with an astronaut, the game is over.


English • iPhone • iPad

Math-driven numbers puzzle, delivered in a sober user interface. At launch, the numbers 3 or 6 pop up in the grid.


Your challenge is to add numbers of same value by sweeping them together till you have the sum 3072. Easier said than done as you have only 16 slots in the grid and the fact that a new low number pops up in the grid every time you sweep.

The good news are that in some scenarios you will be able to add several number pairs in one single sweep.


To succeed, you will need strategic thinking in practically every move. Be careful not to overlook any high numbers when you decide in which direction to sweep. You have a points counter and your best score will be saved for comparison with your own results or to use in competition with others