This clever little word game

will set your think-box on fire.

Word Sprinkle

English • iPhone • iPad


Swedlsh • iPhone • iPad

6 scrambled letters to sort out in 60 seconds... or less if you're good! Word Sprinkle is a challenging word puzzle you can play even with a few minutes in hand. Close to 36.000 letter combos are in here to give you fresh letter mix in every round.


How to play: When all letters are in, you have 60 seconds to figure out (watch the fuse) what word is hiding in the scramble and to move letters. Press two letters and they will interchange positions. Repeat this procedure till you have set the correct word.

The game accepts only ONE specific word in each round and will neglect alternatives. So keep on trying if you find a seemingly correct word but get no confirmation signs. When the correct word is in, you get one point and a new set of scrambled letters..


When you get good and get higher scores within a round, the adaptive timer shortens your thinking time gradually down to 30 seconds to raise the bar. Best score is saved for comparison and if you need to quit promptly you press the Reset button.